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The minimum age is 14 years old to be a US Soccer certified referee in Florida. US Soccer allows 13 years and older to be certified pending state law. Florida labor laws allow minors aged 14 and up to work and be paid as sports officials. FSR’s SRA is working with lawmakers and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (“FDBPR”) to establish an exception for young sports officials. In the meantime, FSR is developing a program for young sports officials under the age of 13 who can learn how to become referees in a volunteer program and graduate to be fully certified when they turn 14. More information coming soon.

First, you will need to register to take the referee course please visit Florida State Referee's website (See Below).

All Referee courses are currently held online followed by field training at a later date.  (Please check the State Referee website for the next available on field training date)

Secondly, once you have completed your online course and field training, you will need to create a referee account through GotSport at, (this is a different account than your players account).

  • Click on Referees and Assignors,

  • Under New Accounts, click Register

  • Contact your local assignor for help on registering for events, like USA Soccer league

And lastly, once you have registered with GotSport you will then need to register to become a new referee using this link:

  • Click New Member Registration

Newly Trained Referees:

We recommend that newly trained referees start in our recreational program, this where they can gain experience and confidence before moving onto competitive games. 

To start refereeing in our recreational program, please contact us below.

Referees: About
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