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General Information 2024/25

Competitive Development Program Birth Years 2015, 2016, & 2017

Registration Fee:  

$775 (Payment Plans Available)

The CDP creates an environment that challenges players to perform at their best. Our coaches will strive to teach the technical and tactical aspects of the game while improving and training each player’s physical abilities. The Falcon’s core values of hard work, respect and giving your best are at the foundation of this program.

CDP Goals and Expectations
*Team development
*Fun and enjoyment of the game
*Zonal defending, possession and counter-attack
*Playing time is earned through performance, participation and attitude
*Master technical abilities
*Develop teamwork and tactics
*Create a positive learning environment

Competitive Development Program: About

Competitive Development Program (CDP)

Upcoming 2023/24 Season

League: USA

Birth Years 2014, 2015, & 2016 (U8 – U10)

What We Provide
A comprehensive soccer program designed to maximize player development
60+ Training Sessions per season (August – March/April)

 Style Training and Curriculum

Speed and Agility Training

Goalkeeper Training
FYSA State Player Registration Fee (Player Pass)
League Fees (USA)
Referee Fees for all Regular Season matches
Field Rental/Light Rental
Continuing Education Program for Coaches
Individual player evaluations by Coach
Club Operational Costs
2- Practice Shirts Team Practice and Game Balls/Training Equipment

Player and Team Responsibilities
Players are responsible for purchasing their Adidas Uniform from our Team Store. The mandatory kit includes: (2) Adidas Jerseys (Green and Gray), (2) Adidas Shorts (Green and Gray), (2) Adidas Socks (Green and Gray). The approximate cost for the complete uniform kit is $150.

To participate in all Venice Area Youth Soccer Fundraisers- As a non-profit youth organization, we rely on our member’s support with our fundraising events.
Players are expected to wear the approved practice shirt and shin guards.

All tournament entry fees and coach’s tournament expenses (gas and hotel) if applicable, will be divided amongst all players unless covered by team sponsorship.  

Players are expected to attend all scheduled tournaments for their teams which will be outlined at the mandatory team meetings in August. 

Registration Cost
Birth Years 2014 thru 2016 (U8 – U10)
August - March/Aprill $750

Competitive Development Program: Text
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